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Starting the "White Diet" today...

I'm pretty sure that the half a can of chicken breast I just ate was pretty bland... but all I could taste was how different it was from the damn pretzels. Perhaps later I will have some tuna with the saltines (there's got to be some reason for their existence, as they seem to taste like cardboard with salt on them).

Steve is closing the pool.


When I opened the can of chicken, I drained it into Willie's food bowl. I grew up with cats, so whenever I'd open up a can of tuna or something, I'd always drain it into the food bowls. Since I've moved out and have not had any pets, I've felt that it was wasteful to just drain the cans into the sink.

This is a picture Steven took of the head of one of Zach's friends. The impression it makes on me is that it was left out for too long and started to get mouldy. Trust me on this one, if you're planning to eat this child, you should forget it and find another.
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