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My co-writer just sent me a scene that was some of his best work yet. He then sent me another e-mail apologizing for it. What a screaming-wack-doodle.

I had a strange dream during my lunch hour nap today. I was driving around downtown Manhattan. That's it. There was no point, just feverishly questing for nothing. If I remember my dreams, there's usually a reason why.

On the way to work today, I gave a good, long listen to Elmer Bernstein's score for Airplane!, which I haven't listened to in a dog's age.

Bernstein "method composed" this score, which is to say that he created a character, a young composer offered his first big studio movie trying to impress everybody. As a result, the music is more brash and in-your-face than a normal disaster film score.

Because the score takes itself so seriously, the suspense music happens to be a lot of fun as it mounts and mounts until it goes so over-the-top as so to explode.
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