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A Further Update...

For reasons best known to itself, my car stereo has decided that it no longer will be reading the ID3 tags off of my mp3s. It plays the mp3s just fine (and displays the file name), and there is no problem with it reading normal CDs with CD-Text, but for some reason it refuses to read the ID3 tags on any of my mp3 CDs, even those that it would read the tags off of before.

This is annoying. I'm very meticulous about my ID3 tag management, as is neccesary with a music collection the size of mine.

On the brighter side, on my way out I checked my mail and found in addition to the DVD of The Sea Hawk I ordered a few days ago, a copy of my diploma.

That's correct, I am now an edjoomercated collij gradjooit (insert theme from The Sea Hawk here).

i wasn't prepared to believe it until I saw this document.

It looks like I'm going to be making an unscheduled stop at my grandparents' house. They're going to be so happy.
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