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Slight Changes

Yesterday's meal at Greek Disneyland went well. I'm not going to get into too much specifics, but it involved jalapeño peppers, and I have had no silly after-effects.

With all the people showing up from my college past, it is inevitable that I will run into Sandy eventually. I owe him a ton of CDs, and so in order to be prepared for this eventuality, I made him a stack of my mixes.

In doing so, however, I found that I just got tired of hunting down slimline double CD jewel cases for two-disc sets. Furthermore, the delineation between a two-disc set and another number (say three) was arbitrary. Each of my Thomas Newman discs have their own jewel box, yet my Jerry Goldsmith set, ostensibly eight discs, consists of two individual cases and three slimline doubles. I've decided to take those slimline doubles and make single jewel box inserts for each. I've retained the same front cover for both discs of a particular program in the set (this is consistent with the Newman set), but adapted the back cover to display the track listing and credits only for that particular disc.

I have to say that the results have been fantastic; in addition to looking just fine, it is much easier to print these out than it is to do the slimline artwork. By making the packages for the Goldsmith set a bit more uniform, it adds a visual unity to an admittedly diverse program.

I also have had recent cause to think a lot about what mixes I do make. For a while, I used to make song mixes, but over time I've found that my interest in doing that is fading. There are other people out there who can make a better pop music mix than I can. I've found more rewards in my collaborations with Dan than I have in putting together my own.

In weighing what I would send to waystone a few weeks ago, I figured that she can easily find the pop music through other sources. The film music mixes, however, were something that I felt were more unique to myself. Not that there aren't other people making mixes out there, but it is an area where I feel that my taste has some sort of weight, and these are mine. My inspirations tend to be cinematically based anyway; while I have several pure film music projects working right now, Funk 'n' Thrills, Swashbucklers! and the Fear! redux, with the possibility of the Planet of the Apes mix as well, the only ongoing pop mix project I have going on is the prospective soundtracks for Ecology.

I make film music mixes for myself to listen to. From the selection to assembly to putting together the album artwork, it is one of my favorite hobbies. Until recently, when people online have been interested in getting copies, it was also one of my most masturbatory. Even today, my only criteria is whether or not I will like it when it's done. I create them for an audience of one, and if other people like them, that's awesome, but ultimately I'd be making them whether or not anybody else ever listened to one of my mixes again.

So if you like my mixes, great. If you don't, that's fine - you're entitled to your opinion, as Philistine as it might be ;) - but I've decided that I'm abandoning pursuance of my own pop music mixes unless I have a very specific idea (i.e. Drivin'). I have no problem in working in collaboration with others on such mixes, but I feel that for myself at least, that well has run dry.

Film music. It's what's for dinner.
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