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LJ Interests meme results

  1. audiophile technology:
    Well, I really like my music to sound good. It comes from having a grandfather who was the chief engineer of WNYC (some of our local PBS radio and television networks) I still have my phonograph, and I enjoy SACD and DVD-Audio (even though those two formats seem to be on the way out).
  2. chinatown:
    An tour de force on the part of director Roman Polanski, with what is to date Jack Nicholson's finest performance (in my opinion). The score by Jerry Goldsmith is one of his finest, written within the space of a week as a replacement for another composer's work. John Huston is fantastic as the personification of evil and corruption.
  3. dvd:
    It's the format that movies are available on now, and if they don't sound as good as laserdiscs, they look twice as fine with 16:9 enhancement. They also offer a lot of features that were formerly only available on lasers, such as commentary tracks, 5.1 audio and whatnot.
  4. frank herbert:
    Author of the very stimulating Dune and its sequels, each of which deal with interesting philosophical and ecological issues. The latter two books in the series, penned before his death, are also vastly entertaining space operas.
  5. james newton howard:
    Perhaps the heir apparent to Jerry Goldsmith, Howard's film scores are usually very good, and occasionally brilliant. His collaborations with M. Night Shamahamalamadingdong have always yielded excellent music, even if the films themselves have been somewhat questionable, and his music for Flatliners managed to bridge the liturgical and scientific elements of the story; his best score in my opinion was his spiritually engaging music for Snow Falling on Cedars.
  6. lord of the rings:
    What can I say? I'm a sucker for the epic, and you don't get much more epic than J.R.R. Tolkien's book (I think of it as one work), or Peter Jackson's superb film adaptations (and Howard Shore's amazing music thereof).
  7. painting:
    Well, I don't do this much anymore, but when I did, I found it very much fun. Maybe someday I'll pick it up again, but at the moment my interests have taken me elsewhere.
  8. sergei prokofiev:
    Where to begin? An extremely talented composer for any medium, he was also somebody who brought a new level of sophistication to the art of the film score with his collaborations with Sergei Eisenstein on Alexander Nevsky and the two Ivan the Terrible films.
  9. the haunting:
    I am referring, of course, to the original 1962 Robert Wise film, with its stately black and white Panavision. It is a horror film with no special effects, instead leaving the imagery of terror to the viewer's imagination. This is how I believe horror films should be made.
  10. zbigniew preisner:
    I first became aware of this Polish composer through his work on At Play in the Fields of the Lord. Later, waystone showed me The Secret Garden, which he had also scored. I have since begun to collect more of his work. Very interesting music.

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I have some kind of sick. It's not a debilitating sick, it's just some mild discomfort in the form of an occasional headache (which pretty much responds to Aleve) and that nasty raw feeling in my throat. I'm pretty much just ignoring it for now. It isn't getting any worse - in fact, I am feeling better today than I did yesterday - and it's not making me feel that terrible... but I'd like to get that annoying scratchy feeling out of my throat.

Tonight I am going to go help Tim paint his new house. I packed away some paint-upable clothing and will be heading out there as soon as I'm done with my work. Perhaps I should have mentioned this in the "painting" field of the interests quiz.

"I'm so angsty!"

I had started watching Angel as a series again before the fifth season came out on DVD, and I left off midway through the third season. Various things got in the way of me following up on them, but I recently started taking the series back up again, and I'm now towards the end of the fourth season. I was thinking to myself for much of this that Connor wasn't as annoying* through most of the season as I remembered him the first time, but I have to say that it didn't take long for me to start getting pretty fed up with the character once again when Cordie starts pulling those strings. Unfortunately, it also means that the Jasmine storyline, which is one of my least favorite in the show's run, is up soon. Ah, well, warts and all, right?

On the other hand, I have to say that while Wesley Wyndham-Price the ponce couldn't handle Faith, Wesley the Stone-Cold Badass (also know simply as "The Wesley") was exactly the Watcher that she needs. It's too bad that we'll never see that dynamic again. Now that was a good storyline.

* I am referring here to the character, who I believe to be repetitively written. I have no issue with Vincent Kartheiser, who does his best with what he is given.
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