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I helped Tim paint last night, and will be doing so once again tonight. I ended up covered in paint, but not quite as much as Tim was. He forgot safety glasses and got some in his eye at one point whilst painting the cieling in the living room. It wasn't a pretty picture.

We did end up getting a lot of work done. The second coat of paint in the dining room and living room is done, and the first coat in the kitchen and one of the bedrooms. Tonight we put the second coat on the kitchen and that bedroom, and the second coats in the kitchen, another bedroom and the hallway. Hopefully, we'll also have Raz tonight as well, who offered his services.

We went back to Greek Disneyland for a repast after the painting job. They have great husky (panini) sandwiches, which are served with plaintains. They are endlessly creative there, I must say. It's a shame that such an interesting food place exists in Rockland, where the general consensus about food is best summed up on a sign on the cajun stand in the mall:


I personally fail to see the point of cajun food that's not spicy. But, hey, this is a county of Wonder Bread and mayonaisse.

Composer Patrick Doyle

Well, the new European poster for Goblet of Fire lists "Music by Patrick Doyle" and "Harry Potter Themes by John Williams." This is the first information about whether or not Doyle was using any of Williams' material from the first three films. While Doyle is certainly a brilliant composer in his own right (if Williams does not, in fact, return, the series is in most capable hands), the franchise has so been defined by the music that Williams composed that not including any of his music would impact the emotional continuity of the series.