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Good morning...

The Beachside at Nantucket

Because of a strange twist of fate, my greatest moments of sobriety came last night when just about everybody else around me was descending further into their various states of extreme inebriation. It was a fine party, as befits its hosts; the buffet was delicious. I was particularly taken by the various assortment of fine cheeses that were at the party. This was no plate with diced cheddar on it, there was some serious goat cheeses, gorgonzola, smoked gouda... delicious. I was extremely tired yesterday from the lack of sleep the previous two days, but I was having a very good time. When Lenny and I got back to the room, though, we watched a little bit of Marlon Brando's career on A&E before becoming comatose.

* * *

I've figured out why the graphics periodically get blocky on my browser. When I connect through the air card, graphics become simplified in order to save download time. I can appreciate that to some extent, but it is still rather annoying. This hotel is supposed to have WiFi, but I haven't detected a local network. I contacted the front desk, but of course they have no idea what they're talking about ("You have to buy a WiFi card and install it..." "I have a WiFi card, ma'am, there's no signal here") so that was a bust. Their WiFi network appears to be down. So I'm stuck with the air card, slower connection speeds and the blocky graphics at least until I go home.

Ah, well. Slow 'net is better than no 'net at all.
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