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Timing is Everything

It looks like I'm coming off of the 4-12 tour just in time. These past two weeks have seen the buses and trains full of obnoxious teenagers, chock full of raging hormones, smelly armpits, smellier perfumes, zits galore and voices that are they are unable to modulate below a certain decible level. I find it amusing that standards have changed such that it is par for the course to see a thirteen year old girl wear something that twenty years ago would have been racy for a hooker in Times Square. I'm not particularly offended by it (although I do question the taste of it), but it is enjoyable to watch all the people who are.

I finally got the last bits of music neccesary to compile Funk 'n' Thrills: Music for the Urban Landscape, and barring any alternative situations that may present themselves, when I get home tonight I'll be nibbling on a bit of leftover brownie and putting this puppy together. It's gonna be the best.
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