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Moving Day Soon...

It's a quarter after four in the morning and we're just now retiring, having spent the day painting, assembling furniture for the new house and disassembling furniture in the apartment for the move to the new house. There's still quite a lot of work to do, and Tim is on the cieling most of the time, but it's all manageable.

I'm covered in various shades of paint. I'm too tired to wash it off before bed.

Well, this one really hit the nail squarely on the thumb. You all know me, what exactly am I posing as? I have no idea...

You secretly want acceptance- you probably label yourself as a Goth, Punk, etc., but that's not what you truly are. You know you're different, but still want to fit in. You dont fit in with the preps or normal people, because you're (as stated before) just different, and its hard for them to accept you. However you WANT to be different, yet you WANT to be accepted, so you join one of the outcast subcultures. You have to remember that its okay to be different, you can still be goth-like, or punk-like, but throw a little but more YOU into the mix. And if those who you think are cool dont accept you for it then THEY'RE the posers, because the coolest people are the ones who act like themselves.

What do You Secretly want? {personality quiz}
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Good night.
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