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Moving Day

...and it sucked. Tim and I got up early to break down the desk and get as much furniture broken down for the movers as possible.

The movers, however, never came.

Tim had to organize an impromptu moving party. Now, this is not a particularly new situation for Tim or I, both of us on various occasions have stepped into a completely messy moving situation and worked through the nastier parts; the thing about this was that this was one time that he said we're not dealing with it at all, and it exploded.

The most important materials have been transported; all that remains are boxes, which can easily be transported by car tomorrow. Tim and Patsy will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about the moving company, though.

Nevertheless, we got them moved in, and now they're living in their new home (we had a bit of a sip of some bubbly for the occasion; usually I don't like champagne, but I actually enjoyed this stuff). There's still some work to be done, but the bulk of the gutwork has been taken care of. I'm going to head out there tomorrow evening to help Tim rebuild some of the disassembled furniture.

I did find during the flurry of work that had to be done to prep the house for the move that Urban Danger came in quite handy. Because of the propulsive percussion throughout, it really is good working music. I'm not saying it made me more productive, but I had a fun time listening to it while I worked, making it seem to go faster.

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