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Back on days... sort of.

Charnier (Fernando Rey) rides the subway in
a memorable scene from The French Connection.

Referenced in my urban thriller mix.

For the first time in three months, I dealt with the full-on crush of the legendary New York rush hour. I fell rather easily into some old habits, and the ride was rather uneventful despite the throng of people.

Of course, these past few weeks have had hordes of teenagers filling up the buses and trains and making a lot of noise. It was nice to be heading into work with other professionals who are also feeling that they're up way too early - yes, I got hit a bit harder than everybody else because I'm going back on days, but everybody who commutes in New York in the morning feels that they're up too damn early, it's just a fact of life.

I also managed to partake in one of the greater joys of working days. My breakfast, unless I'm feeling particularly self-destructive, tends to take on the form of fruit (cantelopes, honeydews, mango, etc). For the first time in three months, I'm having breakfast for breakfast, and it is good. My last encounter with a fruit salad had rather obnoxious consequences, after all.

They didn't load any work for me in the computer, though. It appears that while I'm back and ready for work, work isn't quite ready for me.


The seasons are changing; one can tell because of the fact that sandals are becoming less and less apparent on the subway. The upshot of this for me is that I don't need to carry a pair of shorts with me to work in my laptop bag. I change out of my jeans and put on the shorts once I'm out of the office (although when on days I don't have to report to the office), and the shorts and later the jeans add quite a bit of weight to my laptop bag. There's a lot less of that now that it's closer to winter. The best aspect of winter is that you have enough layers of clothing to carry everything you need on your person (save for the laptop).
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