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Google Earth II

I'm currently downloading "Google Earth," a nifty little program that Dre was showing me that allows you to explore a satellite picture of where ever. It's rather cool to be exploring New York from a new perspective. This city never ceases to transfix me. There might be other interesting places in the universe, but New York remains to me the yardstick of interesting places. I'm not detracting from those other places, but I'll be honest, I can't imagine a place more consistently engaging that this one.

* * *

While the world seems to be in a state of chaos around me what with Tim moving and that being such a disaster; whosamama's got her issues along with those of my brother, her other son; my grandfather is in the hospital and everything...

...the job itself offers a nice stability to counter all of that. Today's workload really drove that home, and made me somewhat thankful for the fact that I know all of the variables in a T-1 equation.
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