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Various Updates


...went in for his operation a quarter past noon today. We don't have any details at the moment, but he's apparently doing fine. There was a question as to whether they would take him today or not as he had some aspirin a few days ago (aspirin thins out the blood), but they did the test and he was fine. I'm on my way over there in a few minutes.

Tim & Patsy

...have transported the last of their junque from the apartment to the house, and now it's just a matter of unpacking and finding all of the little doodads that got lost because of the chaotic move. In particular, a small package that had the metal pins that a particular shelf unit uses. Tonight is the first day since Saturday that I won't be up there, but Andy (Tim's brother) and Emily (his grandmother) are there to help with the unpacking, and all the real guttywork has already been done.

It's always weird when one comes across a job that you enjoy but everybody else finds tedious. An example is setting up surround sound systems. Everybody and their brother hates doing it but me. That was one of my tasks last night. I went into the family room with all of the relevant equipment and a glass of wine and went to work. Soon afterwards, the task was complete, and I observed the results with great pride.

Tim needs a new amp.

Sally, on the whole, a very well behaved baby. All she really does is gurgle and smile. If she fusses, you can usually solve the problem with either her pacifier or a bottle. If she smells funny, you can solve that problem by passing her on to one of her parents or grandparents. A few minutes later, they bring her back to you smelling much better (hey, listen, I know what megthelegend was posting about men and domestic life recently, but the best thing about other peoples' babies is that they're not yours and you can pass on the grosser responsibilities).

Last night she got a little gas while Tim and Patsy were both out, and Andy and my reactions probably would have made a decent comedy sketch. I managed to calm her down in her crib, and then Patsy came home and managed to get her to blast a gargantuan fart that really seemed to do the trick.

It does make one think, however. Patsy's mother commented that they are being spoiled by having such a mild mannered baby. She says that she spent her entire procreative life attempting to recapture that particular baby experience... so I can assume that Sally takes after her mother - who is the eldest of nine - in terms of disposition.

I was going to tie this into natural selection (i.e. Irish Catholic stock may be predisposed towards having a very calm first born baby) but that may stretch the boundaries of taste, even for me, so I'm not going to...
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