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My grandfather is unfortunately in very icky state. He was put on dilaudin the night he freaked out, and he's been on percoset. Today, as soon as he took some of the percocet, he started saying weird things ("I could tell with my eyes closed that everybody was staring at me"), so we've asked the hospital to figure out what he can be given that might not cause this situation. The effects of the painkillers, in conjunction with the phenomenon known as "sundowning," (agitated, sometimes hallucinatory state experienced by people in hospitals) has left him rather run through the ringer.

Unfortunately, every time he's about to fall asleep, my grandmother wakes him up - accidentally - for some inanity or other. So we can add lack of sleep to the drugs and sundowning.

He's due to be discharged tomorrow, at which time he will be checked into a care facility by my grandmother, who is doing everything in her power to keep him from coming home. Even the suggestion that he get some in-house care (which would cost roughly the same as putting him in to the care facility) was batted away, this despite the fact that he will no doubt be more motivated to recover if he is at home.

One is forced to wonder who, exactly, my grandmother is thinking about here.
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