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The plot thickens

My grandfather's left side was much weaker than it was before the surgery, but between yesterday and today it got somewhat worse. Today his right side started to be effected as well, although that seems to have cleared up by itself more recently. The problem with the left side continues, though, so they took him down for an MRI, and they found something. Apparently, there was some fluid collecting in the area where the operation on his neck was and was putting pressure on his spine. He was brought back into surgery, which is where he is right now.

While putting him under the knife again is somewhat disturbing, it is nevertheless relieving to have something happening rather than nothing. It will be some time before he gets out of the hospital now, but if he is at least physically stronger, I am hoping that his spirit will be raised enough to be more motivated, which has been a big problem up until now.

I wish this was all over already.
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