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In lighter news...

Amazon Germany has the track listing for the soundtrack album of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Thanks to lehah, who posted this in filmscore. The album is to be released November 15th!

  1. The Story Continues

  2. Frank Dies

  3. The Quidditch World Cup

  4. The Dark Mark

  5. Foreign Visitors Arrive

  6. The Goblet Of Fire

  7. Rita Skeeter

  8. Sirius Fire

  9. Harry Sees Dragons

  10. Golden Egg

  11. Neville's Waltz

  12. Harry In Winter

  13. Potter Waltz

  14. Underwater Secrets

  15. The Black Lake

  16. Hogwarts' March

  17. The Maze

  18. Voldemort

  19. Death Of Cedric

  20. Another Year Ends

  21. Hogwarts' Hymn

  22. Do The Hippogriff

  23. This Is The Night

  24. Magic Works

Music Composed by Patrick Doyle
Harry Potter Themes Composed by John Williams
Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra Conducted by James Shearman
Orchestrations by Nicole Nevin
Produced by Maggie Rodford

Something I was hoping to find out was an interesting way to cap off one hell of a day.

And I do mean hell.
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