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With the situation with my grandfather having stablized, I went to work as usual today. It's raining. Like, really raining. I passed through puddles on the way to work that were larger than Lake frickin' Huron. On the other hand, I also saw a police paddywagon being towed by a police tow truck. While I know that the paddywagon had no doubt broken down, it was an interesting double-take moment.

Tim is in Denver; he went to a trade convention there and visited his father. I was set to pick him up tonight at around 11:00, but he got transferred to an earlier flight, which was then delayed by the rain over here, so he'll be arriving at Newark Airport at 10:36 PM. Weird.


My grandfather is now sitting up and eating normally, so both his appetite and his sense of humor has returned, as dubious as the latter might be. I'll be zipping over there as soon as I'm done with work to see him.


The problem with working in Manhattan is that with everything under the sun available to you for lunch (even if you can't see the sun, as is certainly the case today) it is sometimes difficult to make a solid decision. I'm starving, but I can't decide what I want to eat. Harrumph.

A Blonde Bond?

The big buzz right now is that Daniel Craig (whom you may remember from Road to Perdition or Sylvia) is possibly going to be the next James Bond. I guess that Pierce Brosnan isn't just holding out for a better deal from Eon. The next film is supposed to be a straight adaptation of Casino Royale, which will be interesting to see. If it's true, this is the first time that an actual Ian Fleming title will be being used for a Bond film since The Living Daylights.

Devil vs. Johnny

Superfunny, but not work safe!!!
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