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Nothin' but the rain...

After a few weeks of hearing from people that I must have lost weight, I actually found practical proof that I have indeed. I had to make a new hole on my belt - which I've worn every day for the past five years - because my pants were dragging through the puddles.

Enough with the rain, already. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I really would like to be able to sue religious institutions for so-called "acts of God," starting with this lousy weather (make them responsible for their purported representation). I don't mind a bit of rain from time to time, but this is starting to feel like that sequence from The Illustrated Man already...

Of interest possibly only to myself, here is the cover art for Goblet of Fire, which I found the track listing for a few days ago:

Apparently three of the tracks featured on the album will not be by Doyle, but source music for the Yule Ball.
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