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When I dropped Tim off at his house last night (or this morning, depending upon your point of view), it was the first time that I had seen the house since Tuesday of last week. A lot of minor differences add up to a drastically different impression; it was very interesting after having worked for so long to finally see the house looking like a home. The boxes that made the entry foyer look like the last shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark are all gone, the kitchen is mostly in order with the new stove, the refrigerator has pictures and notes on it, the wallpaper in the family room makes it downright cozy in there and so on.

One of Tim's niftier ideas was to place cork panels on the walls of the stairwell leading from the kitchen to the family room, which turns that length of staired hallway into a bulletin board. I liked that idea.

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Regarding my own decor, my disgust with all things Star Wars save the music has finally brought me to take down the big Yoda IMAX poster that my parents gave me (sorry whosamama, but I couldn't take it anymore) and replace it in the frame with the James Bond poster I stole from Blockbuster seven years ago (it has Sean Connery's face, the 007 logo and a martini superimposed over images of London, it's pretty cool).

We bachelors are so tacky.

The simple fact is that the prequel trilogy - Revenge of the Sith in particular - has really spoiled a lot of our pop culture. Now that we've seen Anakin Skywalker as a whiny teen and then Darth Vader destroying any possibility of ever striking fear into anybody's heart ever again ("Nooooooooo!!!"), now that we've seen what a big pussy Yoda really is ("Okay, whacked a couple of times I've been, so save the galaxy from tyranny, fuck it, whatever"), now that we've seen Padme die of a broken heart (laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame), now that we've seen that seduction to the Dark Side of the Force only takes a quick couple of come-on lines, and now that we have proof positive that George Lucas is full of shit, well, it just doesn't have the power that it once did. Since Lucas was so interested in creating a myth, I find it amusing that he has been so intent on destroying it since 1999.

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