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Information. We want information.

There was an occurance yesterday that demonstrated why it is a bad idea to trust any information that is told to you by my grandmother.

The P.A. came by to explain that because they found a foreign item in the culture they took from my grandfather's surgery site, there was a possibility that he was infected. It was doubtful, though, because my grandfather wasn't showing any other symptoms. His white blood cell count was normal and he didn't have a fever. As a result, they decided to keep an eye out for any further developments, but they all agreed that the item in the sample was most likely a contaminant.

Because this was my grandmother we're talking about, and she doesn't listen to anything anybody ever says, "a possibility of infection" was somehow converted in her brain into "he has an infection" and she began to freak out that he wasn't getting antibiotics already. She had told both myself and my mother her version of this conversation, and so when we got to the hospital and asked the P.A. about why he hasn't been treated yet, the answer was that the P.A. had told grandma he probably didn't have an infection.

Which was slightly embarrassing.

This is one of the main reasons why we're trying to be as present as possible at the hospital.

Movie Quote of the Week

Rear Window


You heard of that market crash in '29? I predicted that.


Oh, just how did you do that, Stella?


Oh, simple. I was nursing a director of General Motors. Kidney ailment, they said. Nerves, I said. And I asked myself, "What's General Motors got to be nervous about?" Overproduction, I says; collapse. When General Motors has to go to the bathroom ten times a day, the whole country's ready to let go.

Movie Quote of Last Week
This is becoming way too common

The Godfather
The Complete Epic

As they enter the hospital to visit the dying Genco, Vito's old consigliere, Vito looks over Michael's Army uniform.


What are all these... Christmas decorations?


They're for bravery, pop.


The miracles you do for strangers.

This material is on the fifth disc of the DVD set, but for years it was only available as part of "The Complete Epic" or "The Godfather Saga" video sets, which have to date not been released on DVD, which would be nice. The sequence at the beginning with Young Vito is its own little movie.
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