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The "__ needs" meme that follows is accomplished by typing your name & "needs" into Google and seeing what comes up. Try it out.

Josh needs a new bicycle.

Donate to the Josh needs a Laptop foundation.

(actually, that's not really necessary)

Josh needs change of pants.

Josh needs you!

Josh needs remedial spelling lessons pronto!

Josh Needs A Holiday Or Just A Cuddle?

Unfortunately, Josh needs to fix it and, well, he’s currently not found. :)

Josh needs to work on breaking his man down without turning his hips out of square.

Okay, what the hell does that mean!?!

Josh needs to hire more people.

Josh needs another change of pants.

Josh needs to take anger management courses.

Josh needs to be a Mod cos he's the main man :) yea, Josh is cool :cool:

Josh needs to pattern ‘pointing’ with rote learning.


Josh needs some tips on "how to dress"...not that he did not look good, because he is hot enough to pull off any outfit.

Josh needs to continue to add muscle so that he can bang underneath with big men.

Okay, raise your hands if ew.

This is a lot more fun than you might think it is.
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