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I had a bonafide bomb job this morning. The T-1 was down, and when finally I traced the circuit back to the house count in the basement (itself a pain in the ass because the information was incorrect in our records), I found that the lugs had been unscrewed and there was no wire to be found. Furthermore, I couldn't for the life of me find the correct mux handoff. Then, when I finally managed to get all of that nonsense cleared up, I then found that the smartjack had blown and needed to be replaced with a 48X.

None of this makes any sense to anybody but myself, I know, so if you care to decode the above, here's a handy guide:

T-1 - High capacity data circuit
House - The riser cable in a building that runs from the terminal in the basement to each floor.
Mux - Short for multiplexer; converts a fiberoptic signal into an electrical one that can be run on copper.
Smartjack - An eight pin connector jack with a package where we hand it off to the customer that allows for remote testing. Also known as an RJ48C.
RJ48X - A simple block with an eight pin connector, but in lieu of the package, the block is wired so that if there is nothing plugged into the jack itself, it puts a loop on the circuit (i.e. what goes to it comes back from it).

I didn't get much sleep last night. I wasn't uncomfortable or anything, just not very tired. Of course, that means that I'm exhausted today.
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