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Hardy har har...

Accept it, we don't want to see you anymore!!!

In his never-ending attempts to keep his career alive despite the fact that it's on a respirator, apparently Sylvester Stallone is trying to get a Rocky VI off the ground. He's killed off Adrian so he doesn't have to pay Talia Shire anymore.

The guy just needs to accept the fact that nobody wants to see him in anything anymore. You remember that poster in the background of the scene from Airplane II where Sonny Bono is buying the bomb in the airport gift shop?

The composer who could fly.

I like Bruce Broughton. He doesn't get much work, but when he does, the results are always memorable. While Young Sherlock Holmes, Silverado and Tombstone are acknowledged classics, I have recently discovered his score for The Boy Who Could Fly. This is amazingly subtle and heartfelt score may actually be, in my opinion, the best craftsmanship that he's ever done for a film. This is a very quiet score, although there are some moments when the counterpoint and harmonies reveal that this is the composer of Silverado.

I got a decent night's sleep last night for the first time in a while. Even so, it took me a little while to get up and running this morning. Happily enough, the workload is light.
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