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Coming Soon

The Return of the King

Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Howard Shore

From cinemusic.

On December 9th a "Limited Edition" The Return of The King CD+DVD set hit stores. The CD is the same contents as the regular issue, with the DVD containing a Lord of The Rings "Supertrailer" and a 20-minute docu, "Use Well The Days: A Behind The Scenes Portrait", on Howard Shore the making of the score.

01. A Storm Is Coming
02. Hope and Memory
03. Minas Tirith (featuring Ben del Maestro)
04. The White Tree
05. The Steward Of Gondor (featuring Billy Boyd)
06. Minas Morgul
07. The Ride Of The Rohirrim
08. Twilight and The Shadow (featuring Renee Fleming)
09. Cirith Ungol
10. Anduril
11. Shelob's Lair
12. Ash and Smoke
13. The Black Gate Opens (featuring Sir James Galway)
14. The End Of All Things (featuring Renee Fleming)
15. The Return Of The King (featuring Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen and Renee Fleming)
16. The Grey Havens (featuring Sir James Galway)
17. Into The West (performed by Annie Lennox)


Only one more day until I get to see him on the big screen for the first time!!!
Tags: alien, film music, howard shore, lord of the rings
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