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Somewhat Better

I managed to tame some of the worst elements of the belly with some Pepcid AC, and that has given me the chance to get a bit of sleep in here and there. It will be quite tacky for me to call in sick tomorrow, but what is a union job good for if not calling in sick whenever you need to?


Good news on the grandfather front. He has much more mobility and power in his left side than before. I don't know how it happened, but he's being released once again to the rehabilitation center tomorrow (barring unforseen accidents and difficulties).

The position of his neck in the halo is what was causing him to choke on solid foods. They took some cat scans and determined that with his bones in perfect alignment they'd rather he ate only puréed food for now rather than adjust the halo. So he'll be fine, he'll just be eating sludge for a few months (which, given my grandmother's cooking, is probably not that big a change of pace).
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