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I'm feeling much better this morning, but still not tip-top. I'm taking the day and will be making an appointment with the doctor later. I don't expect that this is much of anything, but the past few months have inexplicably made me paranoid about health issues.

My grandfather is being moved out of the hospital and into the rehabilitation center today... again. Let's hope that this time it's for real...

Posted over at the Film Score Magazine website:

It's a gray and drizzly day here in Los Angeles which is a suitable backdrop to tell you all that the print magazine, Film Score Monthly, will be coming to an end with the next issue, Vol. 10, No. 6, due in around a month.

The reason is purely financial, and absolutely necessary in that regard. The costs of printing, overhead and the staff has become untenable.

We have sent a letter to our subscribers with instructions on receiving free CDs in exchange for issues not yet published. L.A. residents may receive their letter today or tomorrow which is why I am posting here this morning. We are offering one CD for every six months (three issues) or portion thereof remaining on your subscription. If you do not receive a letter, it's because your subscription is expiring with the last issue (we have not sent renewal notices in a while).

Rest assured our CDs will continue as will the website! This is a move for the better as we join the rest of the 21st century.

Still, it's been a long run for the print mag -- 15+ years and probably around 150 editions -- and I'm immensely proud of our efforts.

This suffices for this initial announcement...

Lukas Kendall

Well, this is disappointing.

My relationship with FSM started one day in class twelve years ago when Royal S. Brown handed me a copy, saying I might be interested in it. I've been an avid reader ever since.

I am indeed sorry to see the magazine go. In a time before the internet, it was one of the few things that confirmed that I was not alone in my hobby. And for that and that alone, it was invaluable.

The world has changed since, as has FSM. I must say that while I still enjoy the magazine, over time the CDs have eclipsed it in importance to the community.

I am sorry to see the magazine go, but I understand why this is happening. I hope that business is doing well otherwise, as I would hate to lose the website and the constant stream of fantastic CDs that they have been producing.
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