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Poetic Justice

Over the course of the past month and change, I've been driving into work as I found it much easier to get to the hospital afterwards when I did. On Thursday and then yesterday I drove in because I was also transporting my tools because I worked Saturday.

My grandfather is no longer in the hospital, and today, motivated not only by a certain amount of environmental responsibility but also a genuine desire to get smashed after work today, I took the subway in.

Big mistake.

There were massive delays on the 7 train. While the MTA is definitely responsible for that, they are not what made the trip to work today such a nightmare. When the trains are delayed, the subway system starts looking like Escape from New York for real. It's scary.

Adrienne Barbeau is forced out of her seat
by a throng of angry straphangers

Hmm... complete coincidence, but I'm seeing a real John Carpenter thread developing here... only five more days to Hallowe'en, which is a Carpenter special...
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