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Quick Work

Last night, while I wasn't very responsible about getting enough sleep for today, I did compile the new mix that I had mentioned having an idea for last night. I spent today culling through the music from the six modern Batman features, Batman and Batman Returns by Danny Elfman, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm by Shirley Walker, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin by Elliot Goldenthal (the latter score was not released commercially) and Batman Begins by James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer and have put together a new album entitled Gotham Crusader: Screen Tales of the Dark Knight. Each of the composers have their own style, but all of the Batman scores have a gothic element in common that informs the entire disc. Track listing and credits to follow. I had an idea and a shape for the album, and I just went ahead and put it together. It was nice to rediscover a lot of music that I haven't listened to in some time.
Tags: danny elfman, film music, james newton howard, mix workshop

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