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Spirits Lifting!!!

I went to the rehab center to see my grandfather this morning. I had been speaking to him on the phone throughout the week, and his exhausted tone and bored demeanor tended to make him sound quite put out... but in actuality his exhausted tone is coming from the position that his neck is forced into by the halo, and his bored demeanor is because he's... well... bored. The large telephones at the clinic are difficult for him to use in the halo, and so he sounded quite weak, but when I got there, I had some pleasant surprises waiting for me.

He is responding very well to the therapy. He is able to lift himself forward and up and he can also walk for short distances, albeit with assistance. Most tellingly, he is using his formerly practically dead left hand without thinking, gesticulating normally when he speaks. We don't have a solid release date for him at the moment, but his improvement is significant. His own spirits were raised when I explained my own reaction to what he could do; although I'd seen him only a week ago, to him it understandably seemed like a much longer time. Not that he lost track of days, but days drag on in a situation like his.

In fact, his commitment to the exercizes hints that in his own way he has made the therapy one of his goals. This gives him something to occupy him, which has been sorely lacking these past two months. I think that his physical weaknesses were only part of what made him seem so lost in the hospital, and that a large part of it was just that he was bored. Boredom is something that mankind has developed entire industries to combat, none of which could help him while he was in the hospital. But now there is something for him to work towards, a tangible achievement laid before him.

It's very heartening to be writing an entry like this one after all of the depressed and panicked ones that I've written about him over the past two months.

Hey, you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect?
There's a frood who really knows where his towel is!

I went to Staples to get printer ink, blank CDRs and slimline jewel cases, and I found a very nice new satchel for my laptop. It's got a padded compartment for the laptop, compartments for the power chord, more pockets than you can shake a stick at and most importantly, a supercushioned shoulder strap! The front pocket is perfect for the Nomad, I have a side pocket I keep the screen wiping cloth thingee in, space for a sketchbook - I rediscovered doodling for pleasure when I returned to school, and it's something that I miss now, and my little tiny work notebook is no fun for that.

I just moved into it. I'm so psyched.

I also got a new stylus for the touchscreen. The original stylus went MIA, and I'd been using a palm stylus because they're really cheap and light. I happened to see a very nice one that had a ballpoint pen on it (twist one way for the pointer, the other for the pen) and has a little flashlight and laser pointer on it. The flashlight and laser pointer can operate at the same time, which, believe it or not, is actually something that I have a practical use for on the job.
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