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Artistically Fulfilling Day!!!

suitboyskin and I got a whole lot of work done on Ecology today. A few things that were kind of dangling have come together and suitboyskin is insisting that as far as the screenplay is concerned, we are at the endgame now. I sure hope so. This revision started out really fast, but over time both of us have gotten very distracted.

* * *

I also got work done on the first part of my Fear! mix. I thought I was abandoning this project for next year, but I actually got an interesting idea; make a three-disc set, each with a different kind of horror music. The first disc is primarily electronic featuring scores like John Carpenter's Halloween, Hans Zimmer's Paperhouse, Charles Bernstein's A Nightmare on Elm Street and whatnot. The second will have a harsher, more abrasive, less tonal sound, such as Bernard Herrmann's Sisters and Psycho, Lalo Schifrin's rejected Exorcist, Howard Shore's The Brood and the like. The final disc will be epic gothic material, such as Elliot Goldenthal's Interview With the Vampire, Joe LoDuca's Evil Dead 2, the John Williams and Wojciech Kilar's Draculas and so on.

The inspiration for the decision to go ahead with this project came from the fact that I picked up an Elmer Bernstein compilation today that had "Transformations," a bone-chilling excerpt from his score for An American Werewolf In London. This is going on the third disc. The idea of making the compilation separate discs for separate genres came from when I started compiling the tracks. If there was a flaw with the original version of this project, it was that it was too diverse a listening experience for its own good.

I'm also considering a fourth disc, one that would cover the use of pre-existing music in horror films. That would include the use of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells in The Exorcist, a bunch of modern concert hall tracks used in The Shining, the chamber music tracks from The Hunger, the 'cello version of "Don't Fear the Reaper" from Scream, the black mass excerpt from Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, and things like that. I'm not sure how much I'd have to put together, so this one is pretty tentative. I'm thinking that this will be an interesting compilation, though.

I started working on the electronic entry first because something of a definite shape formed regarding how to do this one. I'll explain more fully when I have all three done and post the track listings.

* * *

I went over and covered the air conditioners at my grandparents' house today. My grandmother asked if I could go with her to the doctor's office because she doesn't want to have to insist to the doctor that he do something about the tightness of the brace on my grandfather's chest. It is very difficult for him to breathe, and while he is making decent progress, he gets tired very quickly because he can't take deep breaths. I restrained my eye-rolling at her inability to do something this simple herself and told her I'd see if I could arrange it with work. For my grandfather's sake.
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