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No Funk

I have what many would consider to be a dim view of humanity. I don't, I feel it's just a matter of being realistic. Within each person there is the capacity for great extremes, but because of society most people's baser instincts are held in check. I do not look at those who commit great atrocities and see them as "inhuman." An atrocity by its very nature is a human act. As was illustrated by Stanley Kubrick in the "Dawn of Man" sequence of 2001, it may well be our capacity for violence that defines us as a species. It is not a matter of morality, but simply an acceptance of the fact that poeple are what they are.

And yet, this angry and vicious bunch of primates that we are is also capable of creating things of great beauty. Who hasn't gotten lost in the intricacies of a painting? Or soared on the notes of a piece of music? Or gotten enraptured and moved by a book or movie? Or just taken comfort in the familiar sights and sounds of our 'civilization?' We can be quite cruel to one another, yes, but it is our capacity for creativity that makes us an endlessly fascinating creature. We have refined the concept of communication to a point where it no longer needs to be literal.

Claude Monet

I don't mean to imply that the purpose of Mankind is art, especially as I don't really believe in that type of purpose. But it is a characteristic about humans that, while it does not redeem us for the ravaging of the natural world nor of each other, is perhaps the best illustration of us as a collection of individuals as opposed to a destructive horde.

This originally started as an explanation of why I never stay in my periodic funks (such as the one I had earlier this week) very long. The simple fact is that there is just too much to engage me in this world to allow shit to drag me down for very long. When I'm depressed, I close myself off a little from the world. I stop listening to music, reading and whatnot. Eventually I always end up picking up a book, watching a movie, or most commonly, listening to something. Human creativity is a source of great inspiration to me.

And yet...

It was not any one thing that really pulled me out of my funk. It was a combination of several, one of which was of course that I had just made a mix that needed to be worked on (that was Fear!). There were some othere elements as well, but what really did it for me was Manhattan. I was driving to work yesterday and I came to the point right after the exit for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when you clear the hill and laid before you is the majesty of the city. Manhattan represents humanity to me, the good and the bad, but looking at the beauty of that skyline I somehow felt once again plugged into the vast sea of imagination.

...and because I haven't done one in a very long time, here is another silly meme:

This Is My Life, Rated
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