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The End of a Weekend - Stereotypical Journal Entry

It was a very quiet weekend, which was nice considering how hectic these past few weeks have been. Having picked up the place on Friday evening, it was nice to wake up to a straightened apartment, but also to actually be able to entertain here once again. Tim and Dave came around Friday night (I have a large collection of films spanning the entire history of the medium, but for some reason we end up watching the most Retard-O-Tastic movies). Dan came by yesterday. He brought Nebraska* on vinyl — which is another example of something sounding completely different on wax than on CD — and we listened to my 5.1 SACDs of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and Miles Davis' In A Silent Way, which he hadn't heard.

Saturday I went over to my parents house and had some of mom's lasagna, but she also made a side dish out of squash and apples; while I thought that the combination of those two flavors was rather bizarre, I like apples and I love squash, so I tried it and found that it was quite good. It is the sort of thing that would go really well with a poultry dish, actually.

I actually have a lot of things I need to do for my grandparents this week. The big one is that my grandfather has asked me to go through some of his 5½" floppy discs for his old Thanksgiving poem. I do not expect this to be a particularly difficult task, as 5½" discs don't have much space on them, but it will be rather tedious. I expect to do this tonight.

* I don't hate Bruce Springsteen, I've just never really warmed up to any of his albums other than Nebraska.
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