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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Notes

I feel weird.

That's perfectly normal after an operation like the one I've had. I have to get used to how my body is processing food now, which is minorly different from how it had done so in the past. I am also hyperaware of what's going on along my digestive tract as I didn't use it for three days. Nothing is malfunctioning, mind you (which is a relief, believe me), but things just feel different from how they used to.

I have four small cuts on my belly through which the surgery was performed which were sealed via the new surgical tape, so there are no stitches to heal. There is one right on my belly button, one a few inches above it, and two just below that one and to the right. I am permitted to take a shower, so long as I don't let the water beat down on the cuts (which wasn't really high on my list of things to do with sore holes in my body, so...).

The cuts themselves are rather sore, but the prickly sensation that had been bothering me for a while turned out to be something much more mundane; they shaved my belly for the operation and the stubble was rubbing against the hospital gown. This is much less annoying now that I'm wearing shirts again. Amusingly, the day before the surgery they had to take an EKG, which required that the nurse shave two tiny spots for the leads on my chest. As a result, I have several holes of varying size in my abdominal hair (this was something that waystone didn't have to worry about when she was in for her cholecystectomy). That hair had always been just ubiquitous to me, and it's blonde too, so it doesn't present so much of a contrast with my flesh, so it never occured to me how hairy a guy I really am until so much of it had to be removed.

rowlf jpeg
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Ol' Brown Ears
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"The Dogfather"


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Tim is coming with Sally today.
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