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Kelly's Law: Murphy was an optimist

A few days ago I got a ticket because my registration had expired. I was confused because I recieved nothing in the mail and it had been less than a year since I bought the car. I went to the DMV today to renew the registration, only to find that the plates were still listed under the dealer's name.

I went to the dealer, and the representative I spoke to was very embarrassed and immediately got everything together that was neccesary for her to get the car registered by as early next week as possible.

I wonder how embarrassed they'll be when I send them the ticket...

At some point soon I'm going to have to go home to pay my rent as well. I would think that I have a pretty ironclad excuse for not having paid it on time this month, though.

S U C K S ! ! !

We just found out that if you have a gift certificate for Pictage, you can not use it for the DVDs they sell on their site. Not that you'd ever be able to find out this piece of information from the website itself, which doesn't mention omission that at all.
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