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Newman's Redemption

I really enjoy Thomas Newman's beautiful and emotional score for The Shawshank Redemption, and its album presentation is one of the best examples of rethinking a score for records as opposed to the film. The score also plays a very prominent role in several scenes in the film. However, the title track "Shawshank Redemption," which scores Andy's break out, was truncated in the film. The cue builds to a crescendo that was edited out of the sound mix in the movie. The original version of the cue can be heard on the soundtrack record, and I always found the moment in the film to be anti-climactic. I was therefore quite shocked while watching the commentary track on the new 10th Anniversary DVD to realize that the cue appears in its entirety in this version of the film. I switched over from the commentary to the film soundtrack, and I was gratified to hear that crescendo appear in the film where Newman obviously originally intended it to be.

The only other alteration that I'm aware of is one that Darabont owns up to in the commentary, and that is that the wound on the Warden's neck is in its proper place now. However, the change in the sound mix improves the scene - a major high point in the film - significantly from my laserdisc and former DVD incarnations of the film.

I don't know why this change was made. Perhaps over the ten years that has elapsed, Darabont rethought his decision to cut that bit of music out. I have to say that it is a change that I am quite happy with.
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