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Today I have my appointment with the surgeon. This will be the first time I've driven since I brought myself to the hospital the day after Thanksgiving. I haven't heard yet from Saturn whether or not the issue with my registration has been cleared up or not, so I'm going to have to keep a low profile. Since the office is in Great Neck, I'm also going to drop by my apartment to leave my landlords the rent check and an explanation of why they haven't gotten it up until now. I'll be back to watch Zach tonight, though.

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Having a Livejournal can give rise to some of the weirdest quagmires.

As a lifelong fan of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series and books, I would of course gravitate towards having a HHGTG icon. This was pretty easy for me because the character I most identified with was Ford Prefect (actually Oolon Colluphid, author of Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes, Who Is This God Person Anyway?, Well That About Wraps It Up for God, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Guilt But Have Been Too Ashamed To Find Out and Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Sex But Have Been Forced To Find Out, but he is only referenced in the guide, you never actually meet him). There have been two visual interpretations of HHGTG, one for British television and one for the big screen. Neither of these two versions were wholly satisfying to an enthusiast of the radio program or novels. The television series was too literal in its sense of humor, and the film alters too much that was an essential part of the enjoyment of the originals. However, the film did have an absolutely fantastic Ford Prefect, as portrayed by Mos Def (whose portrayal, though very different from what I imagined or what Geoffrey McGivern had done for the radio show, was an excellent interpretation of the character) and so I had little problem finding an icon.

suitboyskin, however, identified most closely with Zaphod Beeblebrox. Now, Zaphod has two heads and three arms. The BBC TV series realized this unconvincingly (although actor Mark Wing-Davey was excellent in the role, both on radio and TV), and the new film presents a complete abomination instead of Zaphod. This means that there is no photographic representation of Zaphod for him to draw an icon from. Instead, as a thank you for the drastic improvement my Hagrid icon that he provided, I'm going to try to find artistic representations of Zaphod that might yield a decent and recognizable icon.
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