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Nice day

The visit to the surgeon was very brief. He pulled the surgical tape off of the wounds (I was told that the tape would fall off eventually in the shower, but it was still there and I never forced it) and I was surprised at the fact that they were so innocuous. The tape was applied in surgery, so they had blood on them. When pulled off, however, the true reality of the laparoscopic procedure being done through tiny cuts was made - comfortingly - clear. I doubt the smaller incisions will scar, and the tiny scars that will be produced by the other incisions will be very unnoticable under the hair. I am not terribly vain about the appearance of my belly, but it is nice to see it healing so well. I have a doctor's note pronouncing me ready to go back to work on light duty on Thursday, which is all in order. I am actually quite happy to be returning to work, as I am pretty bored. I'm probably going to head home either tonight or tomorrow morning.

I'm back at my parents' house tonight with Zach, as whosamama has a date with Steven in the city tonight. I got confirmation from the Saturn dealership that they will pay for the tickets I got for lapsed registration and dropped by my apartment briefly so I could grab Andúril, get my mail and pay my rent. I'm going to do the medical leave paperwork tomorrow so I can just bring it in to work on Thursday, but I also recieved this month's issue of Doug Pratt's DVD/Laserdisc Newsletter to peruse tonight... and was surprised to find a confirmation e-mail that my 2 disc copy of Bruce Broughton's complete score from Silverado had shipped, which, in the commotion of the past few weeks, had slipped my mind. Suh-weet!!!
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