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Monkey Tunes and other considerations...

This is one star who sits anywhere he wants to.

destinyforetold posted samples of James Newton Howard's score for King Kong (the contents include three tracks, "Fateful Meeting," "It's In the Subtext" and "Tooth and Claw"). Hey, I may have been looking forward to Howard Shore's take on this, and I was expressed doubts that Howard would have enough time to do really score the film... but the fact of the matter is that the more I hear, the more I like. It is a completely modern score, Howard at his best, but it has a certain coloring to the adventurous elements that evokes Max Steiner's classic 1933 score as well, particularly in "Tooth and Claw." This sounds like it's going to be one hell of a score. I'm really looking forward to it now.

I really mean to pick up the Marco Polo recording of that. All I have is the Fred Steiner recording, which is excellent, but the sound on Marco Polo recordings are thunderous, and Kong should damn well sound thunderous, and I've never been disappointed by a Stromberg/Morgan purchase.

"I am Batman; hear me whimper!"

I listened to Gotham Avenger: Screen Tales of the Dark Knight tonight on my parent's stereo. This is actually kind of a full circle thing. It's been a long time since I've listened to music through those Ohm speakers that Steve got when he worked for that company in the 70s. They were the speakers that I used to listen to music on during high school, a very important formative period in my music-listening life. I was listening to Danny Elfman's Batman a lot back then, and I know what that damn well should sound like coming through them.

Now, I know that the setup has changed, and that the speaker placement in the Great Room is not optimal, and that there are a lot of sound-absorbing obstacles in front of one of the speakers. But still, it was quite disheartening to hear how much the speakers have deteriorated. Part of this might be the blah Teac amplifier that replaced the glorious Marantz* that we had for so long, but that blew in a horrible plumbing accident. Nevertheless, I remember the bold bass presence those speakers had, and now they just sound boxy. I remember the true bells they used to be able to replicate, but now they lack that indefinable resonance.

The speakers themselves just no longer sound as good as they used to. It's that simple. I've always taken care of my equipment, and the truth of the matter is that when I lived with my parents, I considered the speakers to be part of "my equipment," or at least falling within the category of equipment that was under my care. I put my laserdisc player and my VCR out in the Great Room with everything else so that we could all gain the benefit from them (lasers played through these speakers kicked ass too, by the way), though obviously when I moved out, those pieces of equipment came with me. I didn't take care of the speakers anymore, so now... I don't know, for an audiophile like me, it's kind of depressing.

* My grandfather has a Marantz quadrophonic amplifier. The speakers aren't set up on it, but one of these days I'm going to put them together and play one of my London Phase 4 quad records and directly compare the effect with the different Dolby Surround Pro Logic variations. It should be interesting because of the different matrix methods used for each format, but of course there would be a certain overlap and I'm curious as to what that would be.
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