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West and Wewaxation.

What a nice day. Goblet of Fire, absinthe, vinyl and cool jazz.

The Cautionary Tale of Led Zepplin III

Well, Raz and I went through quite a few of these records.

When Mike and I went vinyl hunting the other day, I picked up two Led Zeppelin albums, II and III. Now, I carefully examined the platter for II to make sure that it was in good condition, and it was. Then I looked over the copy of III. Now the thing about III is that the cover is a gatefold, and on one side you have the vinyl, and on the other you have a wheel that turns withing the jacket, lining up different images with cut out spaces in the front cover. The mechanism had come apart, so I checked to make sure that all of the pieces were there so I could put it back together again before I bought it. Unfortunately, with my attention on the sleeve, I forgot to check the actual platter itself, which I later found to be completely unplayable. I was very annoyed by this turn of events, as Zeppelin III is, in my opinion, one of the best albums ever made and I was really looking forward to hearing it on wax. Well, today Raz and I went to check out the ones that I could play (which was everything else, actually, that was the only purchase I made where I overlooked that). So when I went to get my copy of II out, lo and behold it was actually a copy of III that I pulled out of the sleeve! Now, I like Zeppelin II very much, but having III was so much better.

Now, I had three Zeppelin albums to A/B compare with the CD. The first I tried was Physical Graffiti. I have to say that this is one case where the CD just really kicks the LP's ass all over the place. The CD is clearer and more sonically rounded. The LP sounds thin by comparison, but I only paid $2 for it and the cover art was damn well worth it. However, III was a different story. III sounds so much warmer, so much more intimate than the CD. IV was somewhere in the middle. Some of the tracks sound better on the CD, while others benefit from the LP sonics. The fact of the matter is that while the Beatles CDs are a completely botched job, the Zeppelin remasters were carefully done. There are some things that just sound better on vinyl, but the CDs are a perfectly viable presentation. "The Battle of Evermore," for example, sounds better on the CD, where the greater clarify and separation make the song sound more present. III, however, sounds best as an LP; it plays well that way too, with side one leaving you asking for more and side two starting with a bang.

I also played a few tracks of of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Yes, I've already made fun of myself for buying it, but I heard Dan play it at a bar once, and it sounded outstanding. There are a lot of good songs on the album, and it really sounds good on vinyl. I don't own any version of the CD to compare it, though. It just sounds so nice...

One fly in the ointment though, is that my printer is being a total bitch. I'm making some CDs for hadara, and I managed to get the CD artwork out of it, and three covers out of the four I need. I've been trying to print out one single cover for the past hour, and it keeps getting fucked up, but each time in different ways. It's infuriating.


Yoinked from hadara


1. My username is ____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

1. My username is Swashbuckler332 because I got the nickname "Swashbuckler" while working at Tower Records because I used to fence. For some reason it stuck. "332" was my old Boy Scout troop number, originally chosen when getting my Hotmail account because it was a number that I wouldn't forget.

2. My journal is titled "Monsters from the Id" because it's one of my favorite lines and concepts from the science fiction classic Forbidden Planet.

3. My subtitle is "In CinemaScope - The Modern Miracle You See Without Glasses" because it that was how the first 35 millimeter anamorphic process was marketed (which, incidentally, Forbidden Planet was shot in. Early CinemaScope actually yielded a somewhat wider 2.55:1 frame than the current 2.35:1 (or, more accurately, 2.39:1) standard for anamorphic cinematography. They were also framed to accentuate the width of the image. Widescreen cinematography is a passion of mine, and I feel that in some ways (mostly because of the prevalence of the use of Super 35 today) it has been compromised since the home video age.

4. My friends page is called "Mellowship Slinky in D Minor" because is the title of a really good Red Hot Chili Peppers song and is a play on words... it's like a fellowship, only mellower. And in D minor. There's nothing wrong with D minor.

5. My default userpic is Conan sitting on his throne, an image that closes Conan the Barbarian because it illustrates my interest in myth; the image is seen in the film, and we are told (in the original theatrical version of the film) "that is another story," a story that will now never be told, lending an extramythic interpretation to the image. The choice of Conan reflects my interest in the fantastic as well.

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