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VINYL!!!! Vinyl!!! Vinyl!!! Vinyl!!! Vinyl!!! Vinyl!!!

I picked up some LPs that weren't rock as well. Tonight I treated myself to Maurice Jarre's entertaining The Man Who Would Be King score and Miklós Rózsa's El Cid. The former score I had never heard outside of the film before, but it is very good. There are certain tracks that might work their way into a sequel to The Farthest Reaches someday...

The latter score is a different case. El Cid is my favorite Miklós Rózsa score. I've never seen the film, but the music is splendid. I have the Chapter III reissue of the original LP (which was issued on CD first by Sony) and the Koch re-recording conducted by James Sedares. The Koch disc has great sonics, more music and a great rendition of the love theme (which I included on Grace: More Songs of the Heavens), but I think that it really falls apart when it comes to the more active music. Rózsa's own recording is much more satisfying despite its relative brevity because the performance is so much more spirited.

Listening to this recording on vinyl was fantastic. At first I was wondering why it didn't have the low end I was expecting, then I realized that I had left the door to the cabinet that I keep my LPs in was open and blocking the subwoofer. I closed it and the sound was much improved. Interestingly, the real advantage the LP has to the CD is in the higher registers. The violins have a much more natural sound on the LP than they ever did on the CD, and the overall tones are richer. The pipe organ in the finale* sounds really weighty.

* That cue may be the weakest aspect of the Koch recording, on which the organ has a strange amusement park sound to it when it that kind of detracts from the gravity of the cue.

I'm off to bed now as I would like to get in tomorrow morning sometime moderately close to when I'm due in.
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