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Null and void

I have been working with Dan Lynch in clearing out the cluttered back rooms of the office. This isn't backbreaking work as most of what we're dealing with are cards, but it is kind of interesting because we're finding a lot of stuff we ain't never seen before.

One in particular stood out. It is a card for a SLC 96 (that's a fiber feed that gets broken up into 24 DS0 [equivalent to a regular phone line] channels). Normally these cards have a number attached to them that tells you what type of circuit it is for. For example, an AUA 52 card converts the channels into a 56k Digital circuit, and an AUA 45 card yields two automatic ringdowns. This card had no number, though, only the enigmatic legend "NULL." There was only one light on it, a red LED that said, "Fail."

So it's a SLC card with a very low opinion of itself. All it can do is fail. It's kind of depressing, when you think about it.

Incidentally, we brought this card around the office, and nobody knows what the hell it's for.
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