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Waking up...


For such a late night, I woke up rather early this morning (around 9:00), and I was still rather inebriated. It has been a while since I'd gotten that drunk. I had a great time on the whole.

Of course, for some reason somebody had to mention the party to Jimmy Burke. I don't like Jimmy one bit. He's loud, he's rude, he's stupid. It was a big enough party that it was fairly easy for me to avoid him, but he tried to pick a fight with Tom Connelly. I wasn't there to see that incident, but apparently that accounts for us moving from the bar that we had the party at to another bar after the open bar had closed.

Jimmy used to work where I do now back when I worked further uptown. That was fine, I only saw Jimmy once every couple of months. Then he got transfered to 56th Street and came into our spot and basically took it over. He always had to have the television on, he would sit in the chairs and sprawl over anybody around him, he would constantly be talking - and Jimmy has only two volume settings, loud and LOUDER. A completely selfish boor. He was still there when I left, and when I returned I was incredibly relieved to find that he had taken a transfer to another borough and was no longer at our spot.

Well, he was at the party last night, and true to form he was a mess. I did the best thing that I could possibly do, which was stay as far away from him as I possibly could. I think that Jimmy may have taken some offense at that because when he was leaving (his ride was Richie, another guy who used to hang out with us in our spot, but whose company was most welcome last night), he said some obnoxious things about me. I shrugged and shook his hand.

What strikes me as being odd about the whole thing is that the impression I got last night was that nobody really likes Jimmy. For some reason, they see him as a fixture. Everybody knows he's an asshole, and that's just something that they're just going to have to put up with. I don't really understand that line of thinking. I mean, it makes sense if you're dealing with family members, you can't pick your relatives (my father is perfect proof of that); dealing with Jimmy, especially now that he doesn't work with any of us, is a choice.

Well, I was civil and did the right thing, but I also made it quite clear that I am not amused by him. In the social situation I was in, I felt it the best course of action. It worked, too, because as I said, I had a great time. I am also aware that if Jimmy sobers up and takes offense at me (which may happen), he would not extend me the same courtesy I extended him.
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