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There's a lot up in the air right now because there may be a transit strike on Friday. The official word from the company is that each employee should have an alternate method for getting in as employees are expected to work. The word, as you can tell, was written by a suit who works in Connecticut, and whether they've ever been to Manhattan is clearly questionable. What alternate methods do they suggest, I wonder? Driving in will take about six hours, and there will be no place in the city to park... and the police will be turning away cars at the bridges and tunnels that have less than the HOV requirement. Taxis have been encouraged by the city to take multiple fares, but in deference to the strikers, the cabbies have insisted that they will not overload their cars as the city requested they do. Extra Metro-North and LIRR trains are expected to be scheduled (whose workers will not cross the picket lines), but they do not offer a realistic alternative to moving around Manhattan.

Our managers are much more aware of the difficulties that the strike may present us (of course they are, they will have the some problems that the rest of us will if the strike comes to pass), so I am not terribly worried about it - I think that if there is a strike on Friday that I'll just count myself out of the rat race for a day. There will be no way in that wouldn't involve a particularly long walk, and I'm on light duty.
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