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An FOTR Weekend

A Frantic Reminder from the American Dental Association:

Three hours is an enormous running time. And yet, I've lost count of how many times I've listened to the Fellowship complete score front to back since I got it. It's been on my Nomad, I have an mp3 CD of it (plus the albums for the other two scores) for my car, and when I'm at home it's in high resolution 5.1 DVD-Audio sound. But the thing is that as long as this is, I can't stop listening to it, finding those little musical knots that Shore created here and there, forming and fragmenting and intersecting themes, amazing textures flowing into one another. It is a fascinating experience to hear a work of this scope and detail in its entirety at last. On top of all of this is the fact that something this intricate and emotionally engaging is only the first third of the work, so my appetite is whet for The Two Towers and Return of the King. However, I am quite glad now of the staggered releases they have (rumored June, then October). I will have more of a chance to appreciate each score while waiting for the next.

I was worried that the music would be somewhat stale by the time I got to hearing this set, and so for the past few months, I'd been avoiding watching the films or listening to the soundtrack albums to keep it fresh. The new release was therefore one full of rediscovery as well as discovery. Many of the album tracks were different takes than the ones used in the film, and while there are a few moments here and there where Shore uses the album take on this set as well, it means that even some of the more familiar music sounds slightly different. It also brought me a new appreciation of what the score did for the film as well. I watched The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time in a while, and being even more aware of the music, which is really saying something as waystone and suitboyskin can tell you, I've been praising this score from the moment I heard it (not to mention that I had a certain satisfaction from knowing that any of the music that I heard was included in the box set). What a movie. What a score.
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