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War of the Rings

As somebody who obsesses obnoxiously over making mixes, Lord of the Rings weighs heavily in my mind as something that I would love to tackle, and the new set only rekindled my passion for these scores. However, the one I created before only had music from the albums, which, while excellent, didn't necessarily fit how I would have chosen to represent these scores, and so I never considered it to be a real reflection of what I'd want to do. That said, I have a newfound respect for the soundtrack albums now that I have a better understanding of how this score plays. Hearing the complete recordings of The Fellowship of the Ring has caused me to rethink completely any vague plans that I had in my mind for a Lord of the Rings mix. I am going to have to create something completely different from either this set or the original soundtrack albums.

I actually already started piecing together in my mind the first track... it would be called "The History of the Ring" and combine elements from the prologue, "The Prophecy," and footage dealing with Isildur and the Ring, and from The Return of the King, the backstory of Sméagol. It would be a radically redesigned track, and I think that it may be indicative of how I would be approaching this mix. Similarly, I am thinking of a track based around the Nazgûl that would feature the ominously sparkling sequence for Frodo putting on the Ring on Weathertop that doesn't appear in the film and their questioning of the Hobbit farmer. I don't feel that a two disc set would be out of the question here (I made two discs of Star Wars music, for the original and the prequel trilogies, and that they are roughly equivalent in terms of how much material would be covered).

Of course, I have to wait until June/July for The Two Towers and October/November for The Return of the King, but this set proves that they'll be worth the wait... and there's a ton of stuff to listen to in the meantime (Aragorn's theme... wow, that's subtle!). But the gears are churning, so you know what to expect to see here by December...
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