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Completely Pointless Observations

If anything could kill Keith Richards, it would have done so already. I only bring it up because of the fact that I saw the trailer for the Pirates of the Carribean sequel before The Chronicles of Narnia. Prince Keef by Johnny Depp again. Nice. I wonder if Jack Davenport is going to be in this one... now that I'm more used to see him being a badass on Ultraviolet and charmingly funny on Coupling, it'll be strange to see him play a ponce once again.

Commuter Commotion

The trip to work today was surprisingly stress-free. I was really expecting it to be a lot more crowded than it ended up being. I think that a lot of people ended up just taking this one last day off... a bad, evil, dirty though trickles through my mind... could I have gotten away with not coming to work today... um... right. Yeah. Bad thought. Sh. I didn't go to work most of the week and I don't have to be in until Tuesday. It's also a half day today. What more could I want? Must be that high "sloth" rating.
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