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Telephonic Mishap/The Ultimate War

Well, my phone got stolen on the subway today, so I sent out a mass e-mail to everyone to send me their contact info. The phone was insured (despite my occasional lapses, I do have some foresight), so I will be getting a replacement no later than Friday, according to the nice lady from Sprint.

This means that I will be incommunicado for the next few days. Doesn't sound so bad. After the hectic schedule of the previous two weeks, getting my car back into my possession and the other one towed away, the past few rather early nights have been quite pleasant and peaceful.

I have a friend, Ryan, who likes to make mix CDs. As anybody who has even glanced at this journal, or knows me in person, knows, so do I. The thing is, he always makes mix CDs and plays them for you. If you make one for him, even if he asked for it, he never gets around to actually listening to it until months later. Another friend, Dan, who was also exasperated with this situation, had an idea...

The Great CD Mix-Off of 2003


The contestants must produce a CD of no greater than 80 minutes consisting solely of officially released Led Zeppelin tracks. No technology is permitted that is not available to all other contestants. No covers are permitted; this includes Page & Plant albums, Page & the Black Crowes and the like. The CD will not be labelled, and will be handed to the judge with no distinguishing marks. The judge will then listen to each CD all the way through and decide which is the best overall listening experience. All contestants will meet and the judge will then play the winner's CD.


"D.J. Mad Mike" Cousins

Mad Mike is responsible for the final ruling, and created the framework by which the contest will be played out.


Ryan "Douchebag" Donovan

Although Mr. Donovan's abilities in making mix CDs is well-known, he also has been known to rely very heavily on a "greatest hits" format, which may cause his overall form to suffer.

Josh "Swashbuckler" Gizelt

In many ways, Mr. Gizelt faces the opposite problem; many of his mixes are quite unconventional, and this may hurt his chances. Furthermore, Mr. Gizelt is forbidden from using crossfades, which may seriously impact his choices.

"Uncle Dan" Alleva

While nobody doubts Mr. Alleva's taste, the simple fact is that very few people have ever actually heard a mix by him. Whether this is due to perfectionism or indecisiveness, only time will tell.
This is gonna be fun; while I do hope to win, I am eager to hear what my opponents will come up with. The only monkey in the wrench is that Douchebag won't shut the fuck up about the whole thing, to both my and his wife Jodi's annoyance.
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