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Surely you can't be Sirius?

"I am Sirius.
...and don't call me Shirley."

Hey... doesn't the term "Xmas" sound vaguely dirty?

Dunt dunt DAAAA!!!

I was discussing this with waystone a few days ago. One of the more interesting things about listening to film music is that gravitas that it offers some otherwise mundane situations. Everything just seems so much more intense when you have the London Symphony Orchestra underlining it. Simple things like a drive to the supermarket suddenly seem to carry so much more import. This can lead to very humorous associations, but they are the sort of thing that you have to be there to experience, as it is only a serendipitous connection between the music as it plays and the situation at hand, but those moments can be priceless...

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation

My uncle and aunt got me a Sirius Starmate Replay. It can mount in the car but there is also a home unit as well. I went to the Sirius website and checked out some of what's available... one of the more interesting offerings was a station that plays all old radio shows. There are a few programs on the classical stations that address film music, and I've already been introduced to "Outlaw Country" by D.J. Mad Mike Cousins. There are a couple of jazz stations, but only two of them are really jazz (Kenny G is not jazz, it's noodling). I really dug some of "Classic Vinyl" as well. I like that you can program the unit to find specific artists and programs as well. You can record with it too, sort of a satellite radio version of a DVR. I have a lot to play with now.

This was a really cool gift. I felt bad because on the way home, I was kind of wondering how much I'd be listening to it as I never listen to the radio, but now that I've looked at what's available and how to program it to look for certain things, I am finding quite a lot that I'm interested in.
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