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Christmas Explodes into Violence!!!

While I was able to listen to the Sirius on the way home from Connecticut last night, it wasn't really installed, only plugged in. This meant that there were wires everywhere, including the antennae which decided that it wanted to slide around everywhere. This morning, after my shower, I went out and actually did the installation proper. I kept playing around with all of the different brackets they gave me, only to find that the best solution was quite simply to use velcro. So now it is completely installed. I fed the antennae through to the back of The Bronze Mist and affixed it to the roof (it has a magnet).

Another upshot of this whole process was that I had the chance to correct an issue I had with the installation of the stereo. At the time that I got the Sony car stereo, I didn't have the time to install it myself, so I had the knuckledraggers do it. I asked them to plug a stereo Y connector (which I provided) into the auxiliary inputs on the back and lead the headphone jack out of a hole drilled into the back of the section of the dashboard that the stereo was installed in. They did, but they figured they'd help me out by coiling the wire inside the car. This meant that while I could plug my Nomad, an iPod or Raz's minidisc into the stereo, the wire only came out a couple of inches, which defeated the purpose of having given them the longer wire. While I had the front of the dashboard off and the stereo panel unbolted, I had the chance to clip the tiewrap around the coiled wire and extend it the full length, which makes life much easier.

When I first bought The Bronze Mist, she had a CD player installed and nothing more. Now, I have the mp3 CD player, the Sirius, the ability to play things off the Nomad... and with the laptop's air card, connection to the internet from everywhere but the sticks.

Yes, I am also aware of how my priorities are backwards. I haven't yet gotten around to installing the new passenger side mirror I bought a few weeks ago, but the morning after I get the Sirius... yeah.

Ho Ho Ho

One of my aunts was telling my mother about a person injured themselves in a sledding accident. I thought that she said "a slutting accident." An injury from a slutting accident must be serious indeed.

An encore presentation of a picture I posted several years ago
but that just never gets old....

(pause for suitboyskin's uncontrollable cackling)

I had a very interesting post planned. It would have been deep and revealing, yet also funny and touching. I was mulling it over, then I got here and I had a few glasses of wine. Then I had a few more. After that, I only had a few more. For some reason, I was unable afterwards to recall the content of this entry that would have been full of beauty and meaning. This means that my intent to perform genocide on my brain cells is succeeding. Excellent.

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