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Wahoonie Wa Ha Ha Haaaa!!!

I've been listening to Sirius a lot. It is definitely a superior radio experience. The bank of stations available means that there is usually something good on somewhere, and the display tells you what is playing, so you don't have to waste time listening to something in order to figure out what it is and decide whether you want to listen to it or not. The fact that there are no commercials means that I don't have to wait for those to finish before I get to music... a major boon because I hate commercials and the radio stations I listen to all have a tendency to break at the same time (which makes sense, because any surfers would then be more likely to hear at least part of a sponsor's ad).

I programmed my presets; the unit stores thirty stations and I used them. There are three sets of ten, and I divided the presets so that genres were together; one set I put in a lot of talk and news... I rarely listen to that stuff, though, much rather preferring to listen to music, so I think I might drop some of those and check out some of the other music stations a bit more.

* * *

I was golden boy in the office because some of the managers came to see what I had been doing in the store rooms. I have completed cataloguing and finding space for everything. I have labelled the shelves and the storage locker is now completely neat and user-friendly. I also have a mountain of return boxes which means that our equipment budget next year will be somewhat higher, which I found out last week is vital at the moment because we don't have any of some of the cards that we need in order to install many circuits. There are a few boxes that the managers are holding on to and distributing on a job-by-job basis, and most of us techs have a supply in our holes, but we don't have the budget to restock them, and those are wells that will run dry soon. So tomorrow and Friday I will be processing those returns so that they can be entered into the computer before the end of the last quarter.

I turned out to be surprisingly productive despite being on light duty.

* * *

Getting home from work today was like Escape From New York, but without Adrienne Barbeaux. I went to my parents' house for dinner, and I didn't get there until 8:00. It's not Chanukah without potato latkes, after all, and we won't be able to have them at the party. You see, we're going to have Chanukah at my grandfather's rehab facility on Friday. My mother has come up with a couple of ideas for food that he can eat (because his neck is rendered immobile by the halo, he can only eat food that is extremely soft at the moment). She had an epiphany. He can eat chocolate mousse!!!

He'll be so happy. And I never shy away from a good chocolate mousse myself.
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